So, How did HoleyWheels come to be a company that offers perfect gifts for petrolheads, car lovers and people who are passionate about things with wheels? (whether it’s a gift for yourself or a gift for another car loving loonatic) How did HoleyWheels become HoleyWheels and where did its ideas for all these amazing car related products and generally cool stuff come from?

It all began with this one car lover in Scotland, me, let’s call me the car guy.

Winters here suck, they are loooooong and wet, so we stay indoors and invent stuff, like the TV, the telephone, penicillin, modern day football and the pneumatic tyre, amongst others… (*not all my inventions I must say).

Being in love with design and cars for as long as I can remember I decided to draw my own car (which I chose based on looks rather than functionality) and make something to embellish the one part, the key part, of motoring that is often overlooked when it comes to personalising ones ride, ‘the car key’. So using said drawing and a CNC machine, I made a simple keychain with the shape of the car and size of a car-key, with holes through the wheels, where the keyring would loop car and key together.

First response was fantastic so I took it to the next level and put it on social media, expecting tonnes of criticism, but again no, it was an instant hit. “Where did you get it?”, “How much are they?”, “Do you take orders?”, “Send me 25, here’s my address!!”, “If I don’t have one of these I’ll kill these kittens”, etc.

And so, I made a few series of models, I took orders personally (got tired of that pretty rapidly), set up a simple webshop, for which I needed a name ‘pronto’ (some terrible ones were considered like, car-keychains, or gifts-for-guys and worse…). The obvious name, HoleyWheels, was the one that described the concept that had been created, ‘holes through the wheels’ and happened to sound somewhere in between the name of an American city where movies are made and the name of a hugely famous toy car company that is very very hot, alas without being a copy or infringing any copyrights. Plus, both are good sounding things to car enthusiasts worldwide, so I went with it.

And that’s how HoleyWheels came to be. Things have just kept escalating since then really… We have plenty new ideas to develop in the future and great plans! Our products have already reached 1000s of places as far from Scotland as Canada, Argentina, South Africa, Japan or Tasmania. Thank you all very much for your support.

Anyway, simply put, at HoleyWheels we love cars, love design, are obsessed with detail and like making things. So that’s what we’re going to continue doing, creating cool stuff for petrolheads. Stay tuned!

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